+GFSignet+ 2720 Preamplifier

Product Description:

Pre-amplification is required to protect the relatively weak output signal of pH & ORP electrodes from a wide variety of electromagnetic interference common in industrial environments. The +GF+ SIGNET 2720 Pre-amplifier is installed locally, at the sensing point, to maximize this protection while allowing cable extensions up to 120 m (400 ft.). Our unique twist-lock design simplifies installation and maintenance by providing for the quick connection and disconnection of electrodes. And the CPVC body is virtually unbreakable for extended service-life in both submersible and in-line applications. If remote pre-amplification is necessary (e.g., tank temperature > 80° C), or if connecting to another manufacturer’s electrode, use the +GF+ SIGNET 2721 Remote Pre-amplifier.




Flow & Analytical Instrument

Product Features:

  • Twist-lock design allows quick connect/disconnect of sensors
  • Local pre-amplification for submersible and in-line installations
  • Unbreakable CPVC body
  • Use with +GF+ SIGNET pH & ORP Electrodes to assure signal integrity up to 120 m. (400 ft.)

+GFSignet 2720 Date Sheet



Energy Meter & Flow Instrumentation

Power & Universal Converter

Low Flow Measurement




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