Hot-Tap Services


Hot tapping is a process which involves an under pressure drilling machine cutting a hole in the operating pipeline. This will allows us to install the hot-tap flow sensors and hot-tap themowell into the pipeline. The process is completed without any leakage or any interruption to the flow of liquid or shutdown of system.

Simple Procedure for Hot-tapping

  • Weld a theadolet on select location to be hot-tapping.
  • Install fitting and ball valve to theadolet.
  • Install hot tapping machine.
  • Open ball valve and perform hot-tap into pipe.
  • Withdraw the hot-tap machine and close the ball valve
  • Remove hot tap machine to allow for connection of hot-tap flow sensor or hot-tap themowell to new pipe.

Auditing of Flow & energy Measurement

With the above hot-tapping procedures, flow measurement of chilled water in chiller or header pipe or condenser pipe can be known within hours. Also, with hot-tapping of themowell and installation of temperaures sensors at supply and return pipe, energy measurement is known.






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