Contrec 202A Loop Powered Rate Totaliser

Product Description:

The Contrec 202A Loop Powered Rate Totaliser is designed to operate with any flowmeter which produces a 4-20mA output, including differential pressure devices, magnetic or vortex flowmeters. The 202A is powered entirely from the 4-20mA current loop and has a maximum of 2.5 volts drop across the input. The Rate Totaliser is fully programmable with linear or square law input relationships, programmable span, cutoffs and conversion factors. A non-volatile memory stores all set up parameters and totals without the need for internal batteries or external power

Energy Meter & Flow Instrumentation

Product Features:

  • Powered by 4-20mA loop
  • Displays Rate, Total and Accumulated Total
  • Linear or square law inputs
  • High and low flow rate alarm
  • Pulse output
  • Watertight to IP67 (Nema 4X)
  • Wall, pipe and panel mounting
  • Fully programmable
  • CE Compliant

Contrec 202A Loop Powered Rate Totaliser



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