+GFSignet 7000/7001 Vortex Flow Sensor

Product Description:

+GF+ SIGNET 7002 Vortex Flow Sensors provide extremely accurate and reliable flow measurement with no moving parts. Utilizing ultrasonic pick-up technology, these sensors are unaffected by normal piping system vibrations and have excellent turndown ratio. PVDF and High-Purity PVDF versions, sizes 3-inch and 4-inch (d90/DN80, d110/DN100), are available in wafer and flange configurations and should be your first choice for flow measurement applications from chemical delivery to UPW distribution. The sensors feature frequency and 4 to 20 mA output, and can be used with +GF+ SIGNET's comprehensive offering of flow instrumentation to achieve enhanced system functionality.

Product Features:

  • No Moving Parts
  • Ultrasonic Detection
  • Unaffected by Vibration
  • 20:1 Turndown Ratio
  • ±1% of Reading Accuracy
  • PVDF sizes 3-inch & 4-inch (d90/DN80, d110/DN 100)
  • Factory Tested and Calibrated
  • Frequency and 4 to 20 mA output in every sensor
  • Field replaceable electronics module
  • All high-purity versions are lot traceable, cleaned for ultrapure service, and double-bagged in PA6/PE packaging
  • Water and Flanged connection options

+GFSignet 7000/7001/7002 Data sheets



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