+GFSignet 2550/2560 Electromagnetic Flow sensor

Product Description:

Rugged construction allows the +GF+ SIGNET magmeters to be installed in piping systems where suspended solids are present. Bipolar pulsed DC drive prevents galvanic reactions from coating the stainless steel electrodes. Simple insertion offers significant savings over full-bore magnetic flowmeters.


Product Features:

  • 2550
    • Local Rate Indication
    • Fully Scaleable Isolated Current Output
    • Pushbutton Programmable
    • Fluid Diagnostics
    • Frequency Output
  • 2560
    • Alarm Relay
    • Test Mode

+GFSignet 2550/2560 Data sheets



Flow & Analytical Instrument

Energy Meter & Flow Instrumentation

Power & Universal Converter

Low Flow Measurement



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