+GFSignet 2714/2715/2716/2717 pH/ORP Electrodes

Product Description:

The +GF+ SIGNET pH & ORP Electrodes provide unsurpassed simplicity, reliability and accuracy for a wide variety of industrial applications. Rugged CPVC construction, large reference volume and intelligent positioning of internal elements combine to extend the service-life of these dependable and highly responsive sensors. Flat versions allow sediment and particles to sweep past the measurement surface, minimizing risks of abrasion, breakage and coating. The unique twist-lock design enables sensor connections in one easy motion. This includes the integral temperature sensor in pH electrodes, and the I.D. circuit in ORP electrodes. These contacts are used for automatic sensor recognition by +GF+ SIGNET pH/ORP Instrumentation, adding convenience and versatility to our systems.




Flow & Analytical Instrument

Product Features:

  • Durable CPVC Body Twist-lock design for easy installation and maintenance
  • Flat versions resist fouling and reduce risks of breakage
  • Large reference volume and solid polymer electrolyte for long service life
  • pH electrodes include an integrated temperature sensor
  • Reference element positioned for maximum protection from process contamination
  • Symmetric arrangement of thermistor and reference elements optimizes temperature compensation in pH measurements
  • Designed for use with +GF+ SIGNET 2720 Pre-amplifier
  • Double 0-ring seal protects the electrical interconnection between sensor and pre-amplifier


+GFSignet 2714/2715/2716/2717 Date Sheet


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